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Strategic and General Business Consulting

The combined expertise and experience of the principals of ATHENA ADVISORS  LLC is extremely broad and is ideal for the provision of strategic, tactical and general business consulting.

Together, Lisa and Chuck can act as advisors to owner-operators, executive management or boards of directors of companies that face challenges of rapid growth, adjustments in marketing, sales and distribution strategies, creation of additional human infrastructure, new or expanded financing approaches, and increased attention to corporate governance.  Although they will not give legal advice or perform audit and accounting services, they are well equipped to navigate operational and transactional environments that are rich in legal, accounting and financial issues.  They have acted as advisers, directors, and principals of numerous companies at various stages of development and that face a wide range of challenges.

ATHENA ADVISORS LLC is able to be very flexible with respect to compensation arrangements, and favors modest monthy fees combined with equity participation, the value of which is dependent on the success of the client.  As a matter of policy, ATHENA ADVISORS LLC will not seek long term contract commitments from clients so that the client is able to terminate an engagement if not satisfied with results.