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Lisa Troe has extensive experience in organizing, planning, supervising and executing investigations involving accounting, auditing, internal controls, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance, including financial fraud and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

At FTI Consulting, Inc. as a Senior Managing Director, Lisa led multidisciplinary teams in many investigations, including in response to SEC Enforcement Division inquiries and investigations, financial reporting misstatements, revenue recognition issues, financial fraud such as Ponzi Schemes, options back-dating, insider trading, illegal investment adviser securities transactions, earnings manipulation, internal controls, chief financial officer misconduct, and auditor independence and malpractice issues.

At the SEC as the regional chief enforcement accountant and an Enforcement branch chief in the SEC’s Pacific regional office in Los Angeles, Lisa had senior supervisory responsibility, led the regional office team of Enforcement CPAs and co-led hundreds of possible financial and other securities fraud and audit failure inquiries and investigations covering a wide range of industries, transactions and entities.

At ATHENA ADVISORS LLC, Lisa can undertake investigative engagements in several alternative formats, including with Lisa acting alone or in collaboration with FTI Consulting, Inc. or other major consulting firm, or with either ATHENA ADVISORS LLC or the other firm being engaged by the client and the other party being a contractor with the engaged firm.

As Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board of the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (one of the largest independent research institutes in the US), Chuck Troe organized and supervised an investigation of senior officer misconduct in contract administration resulting in a formal report to the Board and dismissal of the officer.  

Investigations, Including Financial Fraud and FCPA