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International Business Consulting and Transactions

In the course of their combined 70 years of professional experience, Lisa and Chuck Troe have represented clients and executed transactions for clients or counterparties located in Europe (including the United Kingdom and Scandinavia), Asia (including China, South Korea and Japan), Australia, and North and Central America (including Canada and Mexico).

Lisa and Chuck have permanent residency status in the Republic of Panama and own residential and commercial property in Panama.  In the past several years, they have developed relationships with the largest Panama based commercial bank, a major Panama based investment bank and broker dealer, major real estate developers and law firms.

Panama has a stable and business friendly government, a rapidly growing economy, a well regulated banking system, is investing heavily in infrastructure (including expansion of the Canal), and is building a vibrant middle class.  Panama is the preferred location for regional corporate headquarters for multinational companies.  It has become a country of economic opportunity and wealth creation.

Given the broad international experience and unique connections to the Republic of Panama of its principals, ATHENA ADVISORS LLC is well qualified and positioned to offer strategic and general business consulting services at a level of quality and sophistication not generally available to businesses located in Central America and to US businesses interested in expanding into Central American markets.