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Lisa Troe has been engaged to act as a testifying expert and/or to deliver expert reports or opinions in litigation,  arbitration or administrative proceedings or other contexts on various issues, including:  as GAAP and GAAS expert in federal and state securities litigation involving mortgage loan securitization transactions; as an expert on an auditor's duties under applicable SEC statutes and rules and whether auditors aided and abetted alleged securities fraud; as an expert on GAAP for revenue recognition and related SEC requirements in connection with a post-acquisition dispute over calculation of earn-out provisions; as a GAAS expert in an auditor malpractice case; as an accounting and financial management expert in evaluation of the adequacy of books and records and internal controls of public and private companies.

Chuck Troe has been engaged as an expert in matters relating to merger and acquisition advisory services practices and fees, and in the appropriateness of the structuring of acquisition transactions.

Both Lisa and Chuck are able to undertake expert report and testifying expert engagements in their areas of expertise.  To the extent necessary they are able to access resources and support from appropriate large consulting and other firms.

Expert Reports and Testimony